{Olxandra’s Story}

Olx“My Name is Olxandra Polanco-Pino. I was born in Maracay, Venezuela on May 22, 1996 to two wonderful, hardworking, Christian parents. I was an only child for about three and a half years when my brother finally decided to join us. My brother was 10 months old when my parents were called to move to the United States to follow their missionary calling. I was raised in Dahlonega, GA for the majority of my life up until the 6th grade when we were given the news that we would need to return to Venezuela to finalize our residency status in the U.S. My family was given two weeks to pack up what we could and fly out to a country I did not know much about. We were to leave our beautiful home, all of our close-knit family, pets, everything, and fly out. This is when my family’s faith really either broke us or made us.

I arrived to Venezuela meeting people I didn’t know, but was related to. We lived with my dad’s side of the family for a year and a half and experienced things that I never thought in a million years I would have to see or live. There were several occasions where we didn’t even know if there would be food on he table and God always seemed to come through at just the right moment. Needless to say, it was quite the experience. We ended up receiving our documents and returned back to Georgia where we stayed with our family for another year and a half until my dad was called from the Methodist Conference to start a church in Carthage, MO.

Another Leap of faith, we ended up moving once again to a place we had never even heard of and that brings me to present time. I graduated Carthage high School in 2014 and I quickly enrolled into Cosmetology school. I’ve always been all about bettering people and helping people feel comfortable in their skin. My whole life the only thing I’ve ever had control over was my hair and makeup and all of my free time went to self-teaching myself how to do certain looks and such. Right off the bat I knew that’s what I wanted to spend my life doing, no questions asked.

I graduated City Pointe Beauty Academy in 2015 and was working as a Beauty Advisor for Ulta Beauty, which really gave me the opportunity to perfect my Makeup Artist skills. I was added on to the Halo squad a year ago and never have been happier. I get to do exactly what I love and work with my best friends every single day. I’m really blessed to be where I am at right now; the only place to go from here is up.”

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